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22345 La Palma Ave., #111
Yorba Linda, CA

(714) 692-2795

AHM Factory Services delivers factory-quality off-road motorcycle service to all riders and racers looking to achieve a higher level of performance. HM services include engine rebuilds and modification, suspension tuning and rebuilding, race preparation, wheel building and full-bike builds. Work is done in the company's shop in Yorba Linda, or on track. AHM Factory Services provides race-track support for all rounds of the 2014 Big 6 Grand Prix race series.

What's New?

MXA Featured our CRF250 Project

Glenn Hansen

Note: The Motocross Action (MXA) wrecking crew tested this AHM-tuned Honda CRF250, and featured the bike in the Feb. 2015 issue. The copy below is excerpted from that story. 
By combining their expertise – Petersen is an engine builder and Lewis specializes in suspension – they created a one-stop shop for riders looking for performance. … Most start-ups fail within the first year due to a lack of focus, poor leadership, limited capital, bad timing or a faulty long-term strategy. AHM Factory Services overcame these obstacles with a three-pronged strategy.

  1. Go above and beyond customer expectations. Customer satisfaction and success go hand in hand.
  2. Offer specialized services that are unique in the marketplace. For example, AHM can hard-carbon-coat fork tubes and tumble transmissions.
  3. Petersen and Lewis have done well for themselves because they make work their lives. Burning the midnight oil and never resting until the job is done ensures unparalleled quality.

That’s where the AHM Factory Services Honda CRF250 comes into the picture.

Motocross Action, Feb. 2015, pages 134-135

How did the AHM Factory Services Honda CRF250 perform? We think the modifications were worth every penny – for a rider with pennies to spare. Every MXA test rider came off the track raving about the project bike. The overall impression can be summed up with a statement from one of our testers: “This is the way a CRF250 should be!”

Motocross Action, Feb. 2015, pages 136-137

Willing to try new things and learn in the process, the boys at AHM have figured out the secrets to making great engine and suspension modifications. The MXA wrecking crew was happy to get in on the ground floor by testing the AHM-tuned CRF250, because these guys are going places.

Motocross Action, Feb. 2015, page 138